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  1. Establishment of Online Student's Grievance Redressal Portal Committee in the Institute appointed by University.

    By  Dr. M.I.S. Saggoo(Professor in Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala).

    Ph: 0175-3046265    M: 98880-80327    E_mail: msaggoo@rediffmail.com

2. Establishment of Internal Complaints Committee(ICC) Harassment Redressal Committee

 The committee that addresses the sexual harassment related complaints is named as Harassment Redressal Committee (HRC). The HRC of the cell comprises seven members which include a senior professor as the chairperson along with a professor, an associate professor, a member from the non-teaching staff, a member from an N.G.O., a representative from research scholars and a representative from students (President of the elected student body, if any) as members. At present, following are the members of the HRC committee:

Chairperson :
Dr. Harbhajan Kaur, Professor,
Deptt. of Zoology & Environmental Sciences
01753046553 (O), 9814588788 (Mob.)

Members :
i) Dr. Ritu Lehal, Professor ,
Director, Women Studies Centre
Mob. 9815258033

ii) Dr. Richa, Associate Professor,
Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Research
Mob. 9855502187

 iii) Ms. Gagandeep Kaur,

Statistical Officer, DPM
7837988593 (Mob), 01753046538(O)

iv) Ms. Neetu Goyal,
Asst. Prof., Management
Mob. 9781597001

v) Ekta Dixit,
Asst. Prof., Com. Sci
Mob. 9872804323

vi) Ms. Mona jindal
Asst. Prof., Management
Mob. 9779078930

vii) Dr. D. S. Bhullar (NGO member)

Society for People’s Welfare & Awareness
Khokhar House, Topkhana Road

viii)Miss Navpreet Kaur Sekhon, Research Scholar,
Deptt. of Zoology & Environmental Sciences.
Mob. 9878067227

ix) Miss Mansi, MBA (FYIC)
USAM,Punjabi University


 i) Quiz Competition:                                                                      Ms. Monika Bansal, Ms. Neha Watts, Ms. Navita Singla

 ii) Seminar:                                                                                   Ms. Shally, Ms. Neetu Rani

 iii) Debate :                                                                                   Ms. Navdeep Kaur, Ms. Samridhi

 iv) Group Discussion:                                                                    Ms. Shaveta (Mgt.) 

  1. DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES                                                      All Faculty Members of their respective Department
  2. CULTURAL ACTIVITIES                                                            Ms. Navdeep Kaur, Ms. Samridhi, Ms. Ashu Bala, Ms. Deepti, Ms. Navjot
  3. EXAMINATION COMMITTEE                                                    Ms. Namita Garg, Ms. Isha, Ms. Navjot, Ms. Monika Garg
  4. TIME TABLE                                                                             Ms. Mona Jindal, Ms. Vibha (GC Classes)
  5.  TRAINING & PLACEMENT COMMITTEE                                 Ms. Manisha Bhatnagar,  Dr. Mona Jindal, Ms. Mannu
  6.  ADVERTISEMENT CELL                                                           Ms. Manisha Bhatnagar, Ms. Ekta Garg, Ms. Shally
  7. SPORTS COMMITTEE                                                               Ms. Isha, Ms. Neha watts, Ms. Navita Singla, Ms. Shaveta
  8.  AICTE COMMITTEE                                                                  Dr. Kirti Singh, Ms. Kanupriya Aggarwal
  9. PROSPECTUS COMMITTEE                                                   Ms. Manisha Bhatnagar,  Dr. Mona Jindal, Ms. Mannu
  10. SOCIAL NETWORKING, SITES, E-MAGAZINE                       Ms. Vijay axmi, Ms. Preetima
  11. TECHNICAL SKILLS & INDUSTRIAL VISIT COMMITTEE      Ms. Neetu Goyal,  Dr Kirti Singh, Ms. Ekta, Ms. Vibha, Ms. Vijay Laxmi, Ms. Shaveta
  12. YOUTH CO-ORDINATOR                                                       Ms. Samridhi
  13. RED RIBBON CELL                                                               Ms. Namita, Ms. Ashu Bala
  14. NSS                                                                                       Ms. Monika Bansal, Ms. Mannu
  15. ADMISSION CELL                                                                 All Faculty Members
  16. PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                    Ms. Ashu Bala
  17. DISCIPLINE                                                                          All Faculity Members
  18. ANTI RAGGING COMMITTEE                                               Ms. Neetu Goyal, Ms.Vibha
  19. ANTI RAGGING SQUAD                                                        Dr. Mona Jindal, Ms. Ekta, Ms. Monika Bansal, Ms. Vijay Laxmi
  20. SC/ST COMMITTEE                                                              Dr Kirti Singh, Ms. Navdeep Kaur, Ms. Neha Watts, Mr. Kulwant Singh
  21. INTERNAL COMPLAINT COMMITTEE                                 Ms. Neetu Goyal, Dr. Mona Jindal, Ms. Ekta Garg
  22. COLLEGE WEBSITE COMMITTEE                                        Ms. Shaveta, Ms. Kanupriya, Ms. Monika Garg     
  23. NOTICE BOARD COMMITTEE                                             HOD's of Department
  24. CLEANLINESS COMMITTEE                                                Dr. Kirti Singh, Ms. Neha Watts, Ms. Shaveta, Ms. Shally
  25. SCRAP COMMITTEE                                                            Dr. Kirti Singh, Ms. Navdeep, Ms. Samridhi, Ms. Deepti
  26. CASUALTY / CIVIL DEFENSE COMMITTEE                         Ms. Vibha, Ms. Shaveta, Ms. Deepti, Ms. Kanupriya, Ms. Neetu
  27. PURCHASE COMMITTEE                                                     Ms Neetu Goyal, Ms. Navita, Ms. Anjali, Ms. Preetima
  28. STUDENT COUNSELING COMMITTEE                               All Faculty Members                                                                                              


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