S.S.D. Women's Institute of Technology

Amrik singh Road,Bathinda (Punjab)-151001 , Ph: 0164-2253254, 2238757

General rules

  1. The Head of the Institute shall reserve the right to reject admission of any student keeping in view the antecedents and conduct of the student.
  2.    a) Every student is required to attend a minimum of 75% lectures delivered to that class in each paper. If a student’s name is struck off from the rolls because of absenting herself for more than one week without intimation/Permission and if re-admitted later on her attendance shall not be counted for that period.

          b) In case of serious illness of a candidate, relaxation in the percentage shall be 6% i.e 69% attendance is compulsory in case of medical leave.

           c) The Medical certificate submitted for condoning the shortage of attendance is to be signed by senior Medical Office of the government hospital dispensary.

        d) In case of late admission of the candidate, the required percentage will be counted from the date of her admission. But in no case a candidate will be allowed to appear in the examination if she has attended less than 50% of the total lecture delivered to the class.

           e) It is mandatory for the student to read the Notice Board daily.

         f) Students are wanted that they should mention Phone No. /Mobile No. and residential address accurately. Any change must be informed immediately. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 100.

           g) After each house test parent-teacher meeting is held. It is obligatory for the parents to attend the meeting.

           h) Parents must accompany their Wards at the time of their interview.

3)  a) Eligibility Condition for Academic Prizes.

  • Must have fulfilled the University Eligibility conditions of attendance and house testes.
  • Must have appeared in the Scheduled in the house examination
  • Has not been absent in any paper in the house testes.
  • Has not been failed in any paper in the house tes.

     b) Leave Application

  • Mandatory for every student ob the prescribed format only.
  • Medical leave will be sanctioned only if it is applied latest by the 2nd day of illness & supported by medical certificate only.
  • Out stationers can send leave application along with medical certificate by post of through courier but in no case letter than the 2nd day of illness.
  • No leave (Medical/ or otherwise) will be sanctioned in back date.
  • If medical leave is for more than one week, the fitness certificate must also be submitted.

    c) Mass Bunking

       Mass Bunking is not allowed. Student indulging in mass  bunking for one day will be suspended from the college for one week.

    d) Mobile Phone

       Students are not allowed to bring mobile phone in college premises. In case found guilty, mobile phone can be confiscated.

    e) Anti –Ragging Committee

      Appropriate stringent action has been taken to prevent ragging. Anti ragging Committee and Anti ragging squad are the committed which will oversee take appropriate steps to prevent ragging.

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